Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Muse

Winning the price that has never mattered, and loosing the one that matters most ... is all too familiar to most of us. However never loosing sight of what could be, but making the best of what is. ... makes us stronger.  Teaches us to dust off and keep going. Risking, Leaving all you know, for the chance of finding what you've always dreamed off. Not settling for good enough, happy enough. Not compromising what matters most. 
I often wonder how I have lived through all that I have, and still have a smile on my face. A hand for a friend, the heart to love fearlessly and unconditionally. The inspiration to work. The gift of that little voice in my head that reaffirms me from time to time, that it is all going to be ok
As I photographed my beautiful girls today, I realized that it is them, the ones who have made me who I am. Because of them, with all my imperfections, I can see the world with the eyes of a fighter, a lover, a friend , a mother, and a dreamer. No matter what life throws at me, they are my brightest light, the drive of my hard work, and reason to always strive for the best. 
Jennah and Isabella I am so grateful for you. 
Mommy loves you. 

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